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Pronghorn Antelope

Item Number JLGt048
- Matte print on photographic paper
- 10-3/4" X 13-3/4" actual photo size
- 1-3/4" soft white matte (all around)
- 2-3/4" rustic/finished pine wood frame (all around)
- 19-3/4" X 22-5/8" finished size
- Shipping weight = 6lbs.
- Price = $150.00 (Includes shipping!)
- To purchase, call: (518) 915-4949
Or, send an e-mail to: jeff@jlgardnerphotography.com

Did you know that Pronghorn, once roaming the plains of North America in numbers second only to Bison, are the fastest land mammal on the continent and only the second fastest mammalian runner in the whole world, reaching speeds of up to 60 mph! I came across this one grazing in a field along the main tour road through Custer National Forest in the Black Hills of South Dakota. She seemed to be used to having her picture taken; she posed for a lengthy time while I took numerous photos out of the open window of my vehicle. She never flinched or showed her 60 mph speed!