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Old Wood-Sided Caboose

Item Number JLGt042
- Matte print on photographic paper
- 9-1/4" X 13-3/4" actual photo size
- 1-3/4" soft white matte (all around)
- 2-3/4" rustic/finished pine wood frame (all around)
- 18" X 22-1/2" finished size
- Shipping weight = 6lbs.
- Price = $150.00 (Includes shipping!)
- To purchase, call: (518) 915-4949
Or, send an e-mail to: jeff@jlgardnerphotography.com

I found this relic at a site I was inspecting for work in Preston, Idaho on a cold and bitter December day in 2006. Being that it is a wood-sided caboose, it really makes this old railroad car quite a rarity; wood-sided cabooses stopped being made and used in service here in the United States in the early part of the 20th century. There wasn't a soul any wheres to be seen, so I was able to actually go inside, climb up into the cupola and sit in the built-in bench seat. It made my head spin ~ what a treat and rare find! I hope somebody comes along someday and discovers this caboose as well, then sets to work to save it from further demise!