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Old Back Country Church, Idaho

Item Number JLGt039
- Matte print on photographic paper
- 9-1/4" X 13-3/4" actual photo size
- 1-3/4" soft white matte (all around)
- 2-3/4" rustic/finished pine wood frame (all around)
- 18-1/4" X 22-5/8" finished size
- Shipping weight = 6lbs.
- Price = $150.00 (Includes shipping!)
- To purchase, call: (518) 915-4949
Or, send an e-mail to: jeff@jlgardnerphotography.com

Well, I went on a wild ride into the "back country" this one Sunday in Decmeber 2006 when I was up in Idaho for work. I took Route 21 out of Boise and up to Idaho City, which is a quaint, nostalgic, old western mining town, but I couldn't stop there. The weather was perfect, though there was snow on the ground and a chill in the air and it was late in the day. None of that stopped me!?! I headed off by back roads to Centerville, Idaho with hopes of finding a lonely back road into Boise from the east. Well, road conditions proceeded to get worse and worse (and I was driving a lousy cross-country vehicle - a Pontiac compact, piece-of-junk, whichamacallit), turning from pavement to dirt to packed snow-covered. Still I drove on and eventually came to a clearing and this beautiful, old, broken-down church sitting by the side of the road. I managed to capture this image before the sun set to the west. Not to worry, I managed to get back to paved road and civilization, not soon after this stop.