The Berkshires ~ Framed Photography

Secluded Shack on Water's Edge

Item Number = JLGf053B-2
- 11" X 14" image
- 1-3/4" wide beige matte
- Standard Framing Glass
- Approximately 3" wide by 1-1/4" thick weathered barnboard frame
- Overall framed piece measures: 20-1/4" X 23-1/8"
- Brass plaque reads: "Berkshire County Pond - JL Gardner"
- Price = $125.00 (Includes shipping!)
- To purchase, call: (518) 915-4949
Or, send an e-mail to: jeff@jlgardnerphotography.com

I know it's hard to see (maybe that was the builder's intent), but if you look real close, you'll see a simple wood cabin right in the middle of the far shore on this lake. Seems to me to be something right out of a Jack London story! This bucolic scene can be found along South Undermountain Road in Sheffield, MA. I shot it in the Spring of 2005, once again, while out traipsing around Berkshire County seeking the unexpected and sometimes, unseen!